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ONE Thing that You MUST get when starting a company

Establishing a company involves many decisions. Once you have decided on what your company is selling, the next thing to do is to start your preparations and commence marketing!

After registering your company.. What’s next?

Do you know that a Company Stamp is one of the first few things that you need to get after you’ve registered your company? In Singapore, it is a legal requirement for any company or business. A company stamp also helps to make your documents more official and authentic. You will need a company stamp to register phone lines, purchase/rent office space, issue purchase orders or receipts and so forth.

What kind of company stamp do you need then?

A company can be either round or rectangular.


Usually, for round stamps, the company’s registration is in the middle of the rubber stamp, and the company name will be placed round it. The typical size for round rubber stamp is 22-24mm. However, you may need a bigger size (32mm) if your company name is longer.

As for rectangular stamps, as there are more variation of sizes, you can decide what you want to insert in your company stamp before deciding on the size. Here are some things that you can choose to put in your company rubber stamp:

  1. Registered Company Name

  2. Registered Company Address

  3. Contact Number/Email Address/Website

  4. Logo

Note: Usually there will be a logo charge for most printing companies.

What’s next?

Self Inking Rubber Stamp VS Normal Rubber Stamp

Self Inking Rubber Stamps are known for their convenience. Just stamp and go! Extremely convenient! There are also 3 colour choices to choose from - Blue, Black and Red. If the ink ever runs out, you can always grab a refill at a nearby bookstore.

Do you know that a typical self inking rubber stamp can have up to 1,000 impressions before the ink runs dry?

The main difference between Self Inking Rubber Stamp and Normal Rubber Stamp is… Ink pad is required for Normal Rubber Stamp. You’ll have to make a separate purchase of ink pads in your desired colour. Also, instead of a 1 step direct stamp onto your documents, now you need to stamp on the ink pad first, before stamping onto your documents. As with any kind of inks, after a period of time, inks need to be replaced if it’s used up or dried up.

And.. TADAH! the ONE thing that you MUST get for your company!

To purchase rubber stamps

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